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Author Topic: How to change rooms in the chat  (Read 21377 times)
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« on: September 05, 2008, 06:29PM »

As we’re now using multiple rooms in the chat for both our Friday Night Chat Series and the occasional special DVD/CD chat I thought it’d be a good idea to explain how to change rooms.

When you enter, the chat should look something like this:

When you first enter the chat you are in automatically in the default room named, conveniently, ‘chat.’ But as you can see in the room list (circled in red below) there is another room called ‘DVD Chat’ and that’s the room you want to be in.

So to switch rooms we need to use the room selector which is located above the main chat area, seen below, once again in the big red circle.

Clicking on the room selector will open a drop down menu like this:

From there select the room you want, in this case ‘DVD Chat.’ This will switch you into the other room.

If you are still having problems, PM me when your in the chat and I’ll invite you to the room, which means you’ll see a popup box that looks like this:

Push accept and you’ll be moved to the other room.

Thanks to Chris and Cait for helping me get all the screen caps I needed for this.

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Thanks For That Aslin...  Huh  Undecided  Wink
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thanks so much!
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Thanks for the info. I am challenged at times! LOL Roll Eyes Shocked Grin

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Thanks aislin!  I ran into that problem for the Órlagh live chat Saturday afternoon.  I had trouble getting to this thread too (I couldn't click on the link and I'd forgotten how to get out of the chat LOL! )  Rich ended up inviting me so I was able to get in that way. Smiley  Thanks, Rich! Grin

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